Montero vs Fortuner: Which is the better SUV option for greenbacks?

Feb 15, 2019

Here’s a classic comparison between Toyota and Mitsubishi which are both examples of Japanese efficiency. What will be the best option between the two?

Shopping for a replacement car? Then do a look over of, “Car Showdown 101: Mitsubishi Montero vs Toyota Fortuner” to what these excellent options offer anyone. First off, these mid-sized SUVs aren’t the most fuel efficient but for the money here’s what equipped! Just think of them as mini-tanks that will make other cars cringe, with all the comfort and performance features installed. If sub-compacts are basic throughout, what’s basic for a pricier SUV is like rolling Ritz Carlton on wheels. Has that piqued the interest and they’re like prime real estate on wheels too.

Most car buyers will find the Fortuner and the Montero as top options for executives or the adventurous set. Get a premium SUV like these options, and you’ll get these goodies, that comes with it.

  1. Four-Wheel-Drive to conquer any terrain, with ESC or VSC for the best stability aids installed.
  2. A full safety package that has all airbags, Isofix, ELR seatbelts, load limiters, Pretensioner, and other useful safety aids that keep vehicles safe for drivers and passengers!
  3. A higher clearance that is good for crossing instant flood and other nuisances on the road.
  4. Get all the top class, comfort and luxury amenities for good a drive.

It just some of the good stuff and there’s more to go around! Interested? Then read on to know more.

Toyota Fortuner vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport - Head 2 Head

1. Montero vs Fortuner: Dimensions

Small does not cut it, and any SUV should be big with clearance height to manage any terrain. If it’s small, it should be fine, but it’s not enough.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: This option is average and is just as big as mid-size SUV should be!

Bad: It’s only redeeming point is the clearance that can manage any ground better, that shorted cars or SUVs.

Toyota Fortuner

Good: Now, here’s an SUV that’s bigger in relevant dimensions for tall or short people too!

Bad: It’s lower clearance height can be a problem, in high waters but it can be modified to be excellent.

Verdict: The Fortuner wins with ease and without any relevant issues.

Montero vs Fortuner: Dimensions
  Mitsubishi Montero Toyota Fortuner
Length (mm) 4785 4795
Width (mm) 1815 1855
Height (mm) 1805 1835
Ground clearance 218 193
Wading depth 700 700

2. Montero vs Fortuner: Performance

Overall performance will make or break any option in this comparison. There must a be a balance of specs that will max out how well any SUV, gets moving on the road.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: As an option, the Montero tied it by improving on other aspects of overall performance specifications.

Bad: Key Features like a higher displacement engine, torque and better rear suspension could have been an improvement!

Toyota Fortuner

Good: The best performance is engine performance, and the Fortuner pulls everything that matters in! But, another area of performance is important too.

Bad: Some aspects of overall performance could have been improved but having better torque, displacement, with a capable engine counts a lot!

Verdict: It’s a draw for either of these options, power wins but without the necessary support performance specs that will amount to an unbalanced set of specs!

Montero vs Fortuner: Engine & Performace
  Mitsubishi Montero Toyota Fortuner
Engine 2.4L 4 In-line 16 Valves DOHC Clean Diesel 4-Cylinder In-Line DOHC 16 Valve
Displacement 2.4 L 2,755 cc
Horsepower 191 174
Torque (Nm) 430 450
Transmission 8-speed AT with Sports Mode 6 Speed Automatic with Sequential Control and Paddle Shifters
Drive train 4WD 4WD
Front suspension Double Wishbone with Coil Springs and Stabilizer Bar Double Wishbone with Coil Springs and Stabilizer
Rear suspension 3-link with Coil Springs and Stabilizer Bar 4-Link with Coil Springs, Stabilizer and Lateral Rod
Front brakes Ventilated discs Ventilated discs
Rear brakes 16-inch Drum-In-Disc Leading-Trailing Drums
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Euro 4 Yes Yes

3. Montero vs Fortuner: Safey Features

Riding unsafe options is an avoidable choice in this Mitsubishi Montero vs Toyota Fortuner comparison review, it can be avoided by looking over the relevant safeties that save lives. SUVs are the safest cars on the road, but there is more to it because overall safety is nothing to sneeze at!

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: This is a safe SUV to choose because it has all the best safety equipment that money can buy. Equipped with balanced adult and child protection that is addressed well.

Bad: Nothing bad but with more modern driving aids like collision mitigation will be better if added.

Toyota Fortuner

Good: It gets one-up over the Montero with a load limiter equipped for better child safety protection. All the standard and best safety equipment are installed too.

Bad: A good option that can be better with blind-side monitor for extra safety when changing lanes!

Verdict: A classic toss-up that begets a draw for two excellent options. Either will do, and that is good for anyone choosing between them!

Mitsubishi Montero vs Toyota Fortuner: Safety Features
  Mitsubishi Montero Toyota Fortuner
Dual airbags Yes Yes
Side airbags Yes Yes
Curtain airbags Yes Yes
Knee airbags Yes Yes
3-pt. ELR seatbelts Yes Yes
Load limiter - Yes
Pretensioner Yes Yes
Isofix mounts Yes Yes
ABS, EBD, BA Yes Yes
Power locks Yes Yes
Speed Sensing locks - Yes
HSA Yes Yes
Blindside monitor Yes -
Rear camera Yes Yes
Auto lock Yes Yes
Front sonar - -
Rear sonar Yes Yes
Power side view mirror Yes Yes
Cruise control Yes Yes
Immobilizer Yes Yes

4. Montero vs Fortuner: Comfort

Driving means having a nice and relaxed central compartment, with all the comfort features for a relaxed short or long ride! Without it, then it will not be a good thing.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: Comfort is emphasized; and all the needed equipment is installed, for good riding interiors.

Bad: Adding a no-pinch or no jam window function would be better, but everything is good as is.

Toyota Fortuner

Good: It’s a good even match with the Montero and it shows very much. All the best stuff money can buy. With a no-jam window sensor, installed too!

Bad: Perfect and there’s nothing to add, except a little more extras for TLC!

Verdict: The Fortuner gets the point with one feature, and that extra touch wins it!

Montero vs Fortuner: Comfort
  Mitsubishi Montero Toyota Fortuner
Head Unit Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Navigation Yes Yes
Power Mirror Yes Yes
Steering wheel controls Yes Yes
Power windows Yes Yes
Power steering Yes Yes
Power Door Locks Yes Yes
Leather seats Yes Yes
AC Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control
Lighted vanity mirror Yes Yes
Collapsible seats Yes Yes
No-pinch window - Yes

5. Montero vs Fortuner: Exterior

Not to be discounted, but the exterior is what attracts car buyers when shopping for a new SUV. Having all the needed equipment outside is just as important too.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: Adding a few touches to an already excellent exterior will be good too!

Bad: Adding a rain sensor would be a good thing, but everything is excellent for this option.

Toyota Fortuner

Good: An SUV equipped with these options will be a good choice to consider.

Bad: When it rains a rain sensor for the wiper, will come in handy. But, everything that’s needed is equipped, so no worries.

Verdict: Neither, the Fortuner or Montero's nails this last point. It just ends up, in a draw for both options.

Montero vs Fortuner: Exterior
  Mitsubishi Monterio Toyota Fortuner
Head lights LED Bi-beam LED
Auto lights Yes Yes
Third brake light Yes Yes
Fog lights Yes Yes

6. Montero vs Fortuner: Conclusion

Its time and the Car Showdown 101: Mitsubishi Montero vs Toyota Fortuner best option is the Fortuner by a nose! Between these two options, which are neck to neck in most specifications which is the closest match yet. Both of these options are pictures of efficiency and function that is very apparent in every aspect.

montero vs fortuner philippines

Both of these options are pictures of efficiency and function that is very apparent in every aspect

  • The Fortuner is the bigger option and gets the first point!
  • Here it’s a draw between the two, and some features were just the same.
  • Another draw between the two with vital equipment like a blindside monitor and a load limiter. These safety and driver aids are usually found in expensive options.
  • This is won by Fortuner’s no-pinch or no-jam sensor that prevents the window from closing when there’s an obstruction.
  • When options are both that good, then draw it is!
  • These are excellent options that have a draw, because of a five-star. Equipped with full airbags and Isofix, with 3-pt. ELR seatbelts which are the best safety equipment!
  • Cost is an issue and a sweet price with equipment that comes with it, is really very enticing. Montero gets the final point in!

Its final and the winner is the Fortuner by one point! This was the closet match up and the Toyota pulled out and got the final point. Even if the Montero did not get last point, it still shows how both options are good choices for greenbacks.