Toyota Wigo vs Kia Picanto: Which Is The Best Sub-Compact For You?

Nov 29, 2020

Toyota Wigo vs. Kia Picanto: The battle between two sub-compacts from Japan and Korea. This post will make a quick comparison for you to choose the most suitable choice.

Overall, both Toyota Wigo and Kia Picanto are very famous in the local and international markets thanks to their compact designs and the effectiveness of engines.

Are you considering what is the most suitable car for you? Toyota Wigo or Kia Picanto? Do not miss out on this comparison by

Toyota Wigo vs Kia Picanto

1. Toyota Wigo vs Kia Picanto Comparison


Overall, these two cars come with the same appearance and look nearly the same size. However, if you do not pay close attention to their dimensions, you cannot realize the small difference between them.

Toyota Wigo vs Kia Picanto: Dimension Comparison

Toyota Wigo


Kia Picanto


Difference +/-




3,600 mm


3,595 mm


5 mm




1,620 mm


1,595 mm


25 mm




1,520 mm


1,495 mm


25 mm

Although Wigo and Picanto have the same layout, including five doors and five seats, the car from Toyota seems to be a bit larger than the Kia car. Plus, it even has plenty of elbow and legroom to boot in comparison with the Kia Picanto. That means Toyota Wigo can make users more comfortable when using it.

In some situations, women may prefer the Kia Picanto to the Toyota Wigo thanks to its compact and beautiful design. However, Toyota Wigo is always an ideal choice for those who often enjoy vacations or holidays with their families.

Toyota Wigo 2020

Toyota Wigo seems to be a bit bigger than the Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto 2020

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Engine and Performance

Besides their compact designs, both two cars come with different engines and fuel capacity. You can know their differences after we analyze them for you.

Toyota Wigo 2020 has a capacity with only 66 horsepowers and 84 Nm of torque when on a drive, but it just weighs 860 kg that allows you to drive it faster and faster. Its rear torsion bar and MacPherson front struts are suitable for some types of race.

In the 2020 version, Kia Picanto uses a 1.2-liter Kappa engine, four cylinders, multipoint injection, and a four-speed manual transmission that provides 83 horsepower with a 121 Nm torque.  

In terms of fuel capacity, the Wigo can contain a max of 33L, while the Kia Picanto can hold up to 35L. 


One problem with budget cars is that most of the time, they come with basic safety equipment. Better options in both two cars are supposed to have 3-pt. ELR seat belts and Isofix for full safety. 

Kia Picanto 2020 received 0 stars in the Latin NCAP crash test

Kia Picanto 2020 received 0 stars in the Latin NCAP crash test

You can read their safety features through the following table below:

Toyota Wigo vs Kia Picanto Safety Comparison

Safety Features

Toyota Wigo 2020

Kia Picanto 2020

Driver’s Airbag



Front Passenger’s Airbag

Anti-Lock Brake System


Security Alarm

Electronic Door Locks


Yes, with Speed-Sensor Door Locks

Seatbelt Reminder




About the interior, both Wigo and Picanto offer five seats for five people. However, the Wigo comes with standard bench seats for the rear, while the Picanto has folding split seats that can allow you to take advantage of what space it has.

Inside the Toyota Wigo

Inside the Toyota Wigo

Kia Picanto Interior

Kia Picanto Interior


Both the Wigo and Picanto have fundamental comfort features. However, the Wigo is a little bit better with the large touchscreen with built-in navigation on the center stack.

Toyota Wigo vs Kia Picanto Comfort Comparison

Comfort Features

Toyota Wigo 2020

Kia Picanto 2020

Leather seats




Head Unit w/








Lighted vanity mirror


Collapsible seats

Power Mirror



Steering wheel controls



Power windows


Power steering

Power Door Locks


​For the exterior, both the Wigo and the Picanto come with halogen headlamps and fog lamps. However, Toyota equips the Wigo with a rear wiper and defogger, but Kia does not.

Moreover, both the Kia Picanto and Toyota Wigo are equipped with a high mount LED stop lamp, power-adjustable side mirrors, and 15-inch wheels.

Toyota Wigo comes with TRD body kits that make it stand out on the road. That can be one option for you.

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Verdict: Which one is cheaper?

Both the Picanto and the Wigo can be good enough for daily driving. It is up to your need and interest to choose a suitable one.

For beginners, Kia Picanto is one of the few models that comes with a four-cylinder engine option that allows you to own a smoother and slightly more powerful car for easy use.

For those who are budget-conscious, these two cars are both perfect options. About the price, the 2020 Wigo (₱ 557,000 – ₱ 696,000) is slightly cheaper than the 2020 Picanto (₱590,000 – ₱745,000). 

2. Toyota Wigo vs Kia Picanto Conclusion: Which hatchback to choose?

In final, the answer is up to what you need because both Toyota Wigo and Kia Picanto are very excellent at their compact design and convenient use.

We hope you can choose for you and your family a suitable car to enjoy holidays or vacations together. Thank you for reading!

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