What are Toyota Rush problems in the Philippines?

Dec 10, 2020

What are the advantages and common problems of Toyota Rush? Read on to follow!

Let's find out Toyota Rush common problems in this article. Hope it will help you when deciding to buy a new car.

1. Toyota Rush Overview

In the compact SUV market in the Philippines today, Toyota Rush is considered one of the most beautiful cars. With the entirely changed exterior compared to the previous generation, the luxury and aesthetics of the Rush reminds of the feeling of Toyota Fortuner, which is also strong and sturdy. 

Toyota Rush 2020 exterior

At an affordable price, the manufacturer has focused on the exterior for the Rush instead of adding high-end equipment. The screen size of the infotainment system is a bit small, and the lack of usual accompanying settings, making the car's entertainment features quite miserable. The sound system with eight speakers is at an acceptable level. 

With a large stature, the Toyota Rush cabin space feels spacious with the middle and additional seats. However, the durable fabric and the hard plastic material on the function button lose the elegance of the interior.

Toyota Rush interior

For a large car, there is a middle row of seats that feels spacious. We also appreciate the current build quality and the materials used, with the fabric seat material looking as durable as the one found on the 2019 Vios. The simple layout is a boon to functionality. There may be some cheap plastic pieces inside, but they can outlast fancy soft-touch interior parts found in more luxurious models.

The current 1.5-liter petrol engine strikes a balance between power efficiency and fuel economy. The current Toyota Rush variants all share a 2NR-VE Dual VVTi engine with the Avanza without the diesel engine option.

2. Common Problems Of Toyota Rush

The main issue comes from the inside. In contrast to the striking exterior, the Toyota Rush's interior is very monotonous and needs to be improved. The insufficiency sophistication of the center console lacks the overall interior consistency, which is expecting to create a luxurious feeling to the interior cabin.

Toyota Rush interior

Besides, although Toyota Rush is equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol engine, the real driving experience is not as the specifications that the carmaker announced. Although the MUV stance creates a comfortable linear feel thanks to the engine's power distribution, the overall driving feel is not adjusted.

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3. What Can You Get When Owning This Car?

Aimed at Gen-Y buyers, the new Toyota Rush's exterior is redesigned, with a much more modern and outstanding look compared to the dull and stale outside of the previous generation.

With an especial design for the LED lights, the angled front headlights, and the sleek rear lights at the rear, the Toyota Rush exterior offers a futuristic feel. Also, to increase the masculinity of Rush's new generation, the Japanese brand has retrofitted a bold chrome grille in front, the presence of rails at the roof of the car, and added body panels. 

Toyota Rush exterior

To create flexibility for the interior space, the seven-seater Toyota Rush adds a third row of seats. Not just to make extra seats for two passengers, the two additional extra seats can be folded in to expand luggage space as needed. In addition to increasing flexibility, Toyota Rush also improves the practicality of overall space by adding bottle and cup holders for each passenger.

Coming from the Toyota brand, the SUV Rush maintains a solid design belief in its structure even for the low-end market segment. The driver can reliably use the car for a long time.

4. Conclusion

It is possible that, in general, the new generation of Toyota Rush did not meet many customer expectations. But there are reasons for the manufacturer to make such a decision. 

The first is price competition. Compared with competitors in the same market segment, with a considerably competitive valuation, Toyota designed the Rush to bring a practical MUV with mixed utilities at an affordable price.

Second, the main weaknesses are a less fancy or modern technology that makes maintenance easier for the Toyota Rush. It is consistent with the belief of some customers who believe that the simpler the car, the less likely it will happen.

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