Car Conduction Sticker: Where & How Can You Get It In The Philippines?

Feb 25, 2021

Since many people still wonder about the usefulness of a car conduction sticker, here are the most common questions and some tips regarding this topic.

Those who intend to have their first car to step into the world of car ownership, often feel worried not only about adopting a complicated procedure but also remembering a range of things like maintenance schedules, the price of fuel, car insurance, and of course, car conduction stickers

#1. What Is A Car Conduction Sticker?

Providing registration plates and stickers immediately for all new vehicles seems laborious for the Land Transportation Office. Therefore, their solution is via vehicle conduction stickers which are the series of numbers assigned to the carmakers, then the carmakers will be responsible for negotiating for the printing of the conduction sticker. The conduction sticker legalizes the use of a vehicle before its initial registration.

car conduction stickers

For this reason, a conduction sticker's number can be used as a temporary plate number. It also means that a conduction sticker will be considered proof that a vehicle is adequately procured in the Philippines from a recognized assembler, importer, or distributor and allowed to travel legally. 

The newest is the yellow conduction sticker, while the white-colored conduction stickers were released before 2012.

yellow car conduction stickers

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#2. Where Can You Get A Conduction Sticker In The Philippines?

The car dealers will be responsible for supervising the distribution of the vehicle conduction sticker to their buyers. Besides, only accredited and legally recognized vehicle companies like importers, assemblers, dealers are provided with conduction stickers so that you can get your car plated with a vehicle conduction number at these places.

Toyota dealership

For example, Toyota is also distributing Toyota conduction stickers. As mentioned above, it is crucial to have a conduction sticker of a car for legal use before getting an official plate number. In short, until a car already has plates, it doesn’t need the help of a car conduction sticker anymore.

#3. Check LTO Plate Availability If A Car Is Still Using A Conduction Sticker

Suppose a person is still using a conduction sticker for his car. In that case of the function number as temporary plates and he wonders about the availability of their LTO registration plates, they can check through online platforms by visiting the Land Transportation Management System Portal (LTMS Portal) and then type 15-digit MV number on the Motor Vehicle.

Land Transportation Management System Portal

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#4. The Necessity For A Car’s Conduction Sticker To Be Subject To The Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (Coding)

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority reminds New-vehicle owners that a car using its conduction number is also covered by the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP)--or the number coding scheme. This means that the last digit on their car’s conduction will still determine the day where it is subject to the UVVRP while these owners are waiting for their license plate from the Land Transportation Office.

Car’s Conduction Sticker

#5. What Is MV File Number & How to verify your MV file number?

An MV file number concludes with a total 15 digit number. The first two digits will tell you about where the car was initially registered based on the Certificate of Registration (CR). The primary purpose of establishing an MV file number is to identify a temporary license plate number until an original registered plate number is issued. Looking at your car’s registration certificate, you will see what your car’s MV file is.

MV File Number

To verify your car’s MV file number, go to LTO’s official website and head to the Motor Vehicle 7-Character Plate Backlog Inquiry Page, then enter your MV file number which can be found on your car’s Certificate of Registration (CR).

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