Ped Xing Meaning: What Does This Mysterious Sign Actually Mean?

Dec 15, 2020

Many tourists in the Philippines have randomly talked about the Ped Xing sign on many streets and ask each other about its meaning. However, even the locals do not know what this sign means.

This post will explain the Ped Xing meaning and what you need to do when you see these traffic signs. Let’s find out with!

Ped Xing Sign - A Mysterious Sign For Most Tourists

Traffic signs in many countries are easy to understand. For this reason, tourists can easily get the ideas of what to do and not to do when they are on the streets. However, there is a mysterious traffic sign in the Philippines with the word “Ped Xing” written on it that confuses so many people.

As people do not understand what this traffic sign means, they might become unconfident when traveling the streets. The even sadder fact here is that many locals do not understand these signs, also. 

Ped Xing sign

“Ped Xing” is a mysterious traffic sign for many people

Some say “Ped Xing” is a word originally from China as it sounds so Chinese. People also make jokes about these signs, like “Who is that special Chinese man that has the honor of having his name all over the streets?”. There is another joke coming from former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza as he joked that the sign is the name of a rich Filipino-Chinese man - Pedro Xing-Hua. But you know what? That is not the right answer. 

Even when people make jokes about these signs all the time, this is not funny because when you do not know the meaning of traffic signs, you might have several troubles or risks while traveling around. 

What Does “Ped Xing” Mean?

Ped Xing is a short version of “Pedestrian Crossing”. This phrase needed to be shortened because traffic signs always need to follow their standards and cannot be too long or complicated. 

In 2003, people started to use the Ped Xing sign in Metro Manila as a part of the Muti-Traffic Signals Project and Lighted Street Sign. Since then, many locations choose to use this shortened phrase in many streets, too. 

This special traffic sign is used in those streets with no ground-level trams, intersections, or train tracks. But as we mentioned above, in fact, many people, even the locals, do not know the meaning of these signs when they can help people have a safer time traveling the streets. 

Ped Xing sign

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Ped Xing Road Sign Purpose

In traffic, the Ped Xing signs are to warn and inform motorists they are going near the areas where people cross the streets. With these signs, pedestrians will be safer, and the ones who are driving near also pay more attention and be more careful to prevent potential accidents. 

Ped Xing signs are more likely to be used in the places without intersections or used when the intersections do not have pedestrian overpasses or lanes. 

If you are a driver, make sure you slow down and pay more attention to the people and vehicles around to ensure everyone is safe. When you are a pedestrian, it will still be safer for you to let other drivers or people go first if they are going fast. 

As road users, we should know the meaning of this sign and follow the rules on the streets for safety. It is our duty to care about pedestrians crossing the roads as they are much more vulnerable. 

Ped Xing means Pedestrian Crossing

Ped Xing means Pedestrian Crossing

Legal Considerations Drivers Should Know About Pedestrian Crossing

When there are countless accidents on the roads involved in pedestrians and cars, and not the drivers cause all the accidents, there are some legal considerations drivers should know about pedestrian crossing. 

As drivers and pedestrians, you should know about House Bill No. 1987, known as the “Philippine Responsible Driving and Accountability Act.” Here are the situations in which House Bill No. 1987 will be applied to both pedestrians and bicycle riders:

  • The victim was not using a road intersection, pedestrian lane, or there were no Ped Xing signs. 
  • The victim was influenced by alcohol and/or drugs.
  • The bicycle rider victim was not wearing protective gears and high-visibility gears. 

Ped Xing road sign

We should know about legal considerations about pedestrian crossing

In Final

No matter if you are a tourist or a local, it is crucial to know the meaning of all the traffic signs, including the Ped Xing meaning for ultimate safety for you and other people. With the information in this article, we hope you will be more confident the next time you see these “mysterious” traffic signs.

Always remember to follow the traffic rules while being on the roads!