LTO Violations and Penalties 2020: Everything Filipino drivers should know

Aug 13, 2020

Be a smart driver and be on the safe side of these violations and penalties.

When you are in traffic, to protect the safety of your life and the lives of others, you must become a responsible driver. There are rules in place to protect everyone's rights. And if you disobey, you will be punished. Therefore, you need to keep up with changes in the current Traffic Law.

LTO stands for Land Transportation Office, is an agency under the Department of Transportation of the Philippine government, and is responsible for all land transportation in the Philippines. Keep reading the Violations and penalties for LTO 2020 by Philcarreview if you don't want to pay any peso to the police.

A. LTO Violation fee 2020 related to Licensing

1. Driving without license/ Driving with an expired registration

LTO Fine: PHP 3,000

LTO Penalty:

  • Disqualified from being granted a driver’s licensed
  • ​Disqualified driving a motor vehicle for a period of one year from payment of PHP 3000 fine.

Driving without license

You will get a ticket costs up to Php 3,000 for an expired registration

2. LTO Violations and Fines for not wearing a seatbelt

LTO Fine

  • First offense: PHP 1,000
  • Second offense: PHP 2,000
  • Third offense: PHP 5,000

LTO Penalty: From payment of the fine for the third and each subsequent offense, the driver’s license will be suspended for one week.

The seat belt law in the Philippines is applied to both drivers and passengers. It is important to note that, with a 6-year-old child sitting in the front seat without a seat belt, the driver must also pay a fine.

seat belt law

With a 6-year-old child sitting in the front seat without a seat belt, the driver must also pay a fine.

3. Driving under the impact of alcohol/dangerous drugs

LTO Fine:  

  • Not resulting in injuries or death: PHP 20,000 to PHP 80,000
  • Resulting in injuries: PHP 100,000 to PHP 200,000
  • Resulting in death: PHP 300,000 to PHP 500,000

LTO Penalty:

For non-professional driver’s license:

  • First offense: driver’s license confiscated driver’s license suspended for a period of twelve months.
  • Second offense: driver’s license revoked.

drive after drinking

For the professional driver’s license: The driver’s license is permanently confiscated.

Added to the LTO violation fee, motorists who drink alcohol or use drugs then drive after that, for the first time, may get a twelve-month driver’s license suspension (implemented for non-professional driver’s license).

4. LTO Violations and Penalties 2020 for careless driving

  • First offense: PHP 2,000
  • Second offense: PHP 3,000 driver’s license suspended for a period of three months.
  • Third offense: PHP 10,000 driver’s license suspended for a period of three months.
  • Fourth/Subsequent offense: PHP 10,000 revoke driving licenses, revoke unprofessional driving licenses, stop driving licenses for two years from the date of revocation.

All drivers should be careful of turning the signal lights on when changing the lanes, but sometimes they are too lazy and careless when the roads are free. Failure to have traffic signals may lead to serious accidents or a chance of having a ticket. 

Therefore, this regulation reminds drivers when entering highways to control vehicles carefully, pay close attention to the visibility and quality of the road as well as the weather conditions, pay attention to other vehicles surrounding so as not to threaten the safety or the rights of others.

5. Other LTO traffic violation

LTO Fine: PHP 1,000

It is applied in case of common LTO traffic violations like parking violations, driving on the prohibited roads, disregarding traffic signs, illegal turn or overtaking, failure to darken the headlamps.

Please keep in mind that these above LTO violation fees are valid and effective in most cities in the Philippines. For some special cases, traffic violation fines of some places have been amended by region.

parking violation

Traffic violation fines of some places have been amended by region

B. LTO Fines and Penalties 2020 relative to with car registration/renewal

1. Driving without valid vehicle registration

LTO Fine: PHP 10,000

This violation applies to two cases: driving with an unregistered motor or the LTO violation for expired registration.

2. Unauthorized vehicle modification

LTO Fine: PHP 5,000

When making any changes or modifications to the engine parts, you register with the LTO office. If not, you have to pay a fine for driving it.

3. Submission of fake documents in driver’s license application or renewal

LTO Fine: PHP 3,000

LTO Penalty: The driver's license is recalled, revoked and the driver shall be stopped the issuance of driver's license and motor vehicle for one year from the date of paying the fines while the filing of appropriate accusations is not prejudiced.

4. Vehicle registration/renewal fraud

LTO Fine: PHP 3,000

5. No driver’s license, certificate of registration, or official receipt while driving

LTO Fine: PHP 1,000

C. LTO Fines and Penalties 2020 connected with car accessories & equipment

1. A vehicle without or with defective/improper/unauthorized devices, accessories, parts, and equipment

LTO Fine: PHP 5,000

This LTO violation is related to some common vehicles parts includes: Brake system; Car light system: headlights, sidelights, interior lights...; Warning devices; Blinkers; Horns; Other accessories, equipment that may endanger road safety

2. Driving with no helmet

driving with no helmet

Driving with no helmet may cost you PHP 1,500 for the first offense

This LTO violation covers the case of wearing a helmet with a fake Philippine Standard or Import Commodity Clearance

LTO Fine:  

  • First offense: PHP 1,500
  • Second offense: PHP 3,000
  • Third offense: PHP 5,000
  • Fourth and succeeding offenses: PHP 10,000

3. License plate not attached or improperly attached

LTO Fine: PHP 5,000

The act of drawing or attaching any inappropriate sticker or placing illegal license plates at visible places on the vehicle is prohibited.

4. Smoke belching

smoke belching

Violations and penalties LTO 2020 have set the standard emission gasoline level of each vehicle. If the vehicle exceeds the allowed volume, the driver may suffer the following fines:

LTO Fine

  • First offense: PHP 2,000
  • Second offense: PHP 4,000
  • Third offense: PHP 6,000

LTO Penalty: One-year suspension of the motor vehicle registration

In conclusion, the above article has brought you some key information about LTO Violations and Penalties 2020. Some rules remain and some have changed. Hope this article by can help all drivers in the Philippines understand more about LTO violations and fines to participate in safer traffic, avoid common mistakes and unfortunate accidents so that they will not be punished. Remember to obey traffic safety law!