Everest vs Montero: American or Japanese SUV?

Feb 15, 2019

Another round of east versus west in this series of car comparisons! Next up is the Montero and the Everest to see which is better.

Japanese mid-size against the American mid-size showdown!

How do these options, measure up when pitted against each other in this car comparison? Both of these mid-sized SUVs are the ones to get when considering the best options to get today. Take note, they are among the best and top-notch choices that have everything that counts in an option. But, it needs to be sorted which is the better option between the Montero and the Everest. Why should it be crucial to know what packages these SUVs offer for better money’s worth? It goes down to several reasons and that matters, in choosing the best option for anyone.

  • How much will be shelled out for the total costs? Is it cheap or does a higher tag price mean better options?
  • Is the mid-sized SUV a match for anyone or does it suit any particular needs?
  • Will, it be all out off-road or just something for the city or long road trips?
  • Should it be a good investment, despite the bad mileage of bigger SUVs?
  • How equipped should an SUV be for any driver?

So, here are the relevant questions that should guide, whether a Montero or Everest is better for anybody!

Mitsubishi Montero Sport vs Ford Everest

1. Everest vs Montero: Dimensions

Some like it big, but SUVs are made for sheer size, next to full-sized SUVs. Bigger size means more room for everyone or cargo space too!

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: The Montero is good sized, mid-sized SUV that makes it a good choice for most individuals

Bad: Nothing is amiss, and the dimensions of the Montero is normal for a car this size, and it’s clearance and wading depth is good too!

Ford Everest

Good: A monster of an SUV that is big robust and one of the biggest SUVs available today.

Bad: It has nothing bad going for it, which is nothing surprising about a Ford SUV.

Verdict: It’s a David and Goliath; the Everest is the Goliath here. Ford gets the point here, and it’s won easy.

Mitsubishi Montero vs Ford Everest: Dimensions
  Mitsubishi Montero Ford Everest
Length (mm) 4785 4893
Width (mm) 1815 1862
Height (mm) 1805 1837
Ground clearance 218 225
Wading depth 700 800

2. Everest vs Montero: Performance

In this comparison review, stressing the best performance is always a good thing. If any option is not up to spec, then it loses should it not have what it takes to win it.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: Overall, the Montero has the standard performance option that will do fine. Nothing is omitted; so a good fit for all. An 8-Speed AT will give better gearing than a 6-Spd AT when needed!

Bad: Nothing really but improvement in the engine size and important specs can follow later on. Especially, in the next version of it, should any come out.

Ford Everest

Good: The overall engine performance and other relevant stuff under the hood is sufficient and is only matched by few other mid-sized pickups. Better tuned for power output and suspension tuned for the city or country-side for better mobility!

Bad: Improvements on the transmission from 6-speed AT to 8-speed AT will make it better, and maximize the power produced by its 3.2 L engine.

Verdict: An easy win by the Everest with its power-centric engine set up, with better tuned suspension as well!

Montero vs Everest: Engine & Performace
  Mitsubishi Montero Ford Everest
Engine 2.4L 4 In-line 16 Valves DOHC In-line 5
Displacement 2.4 L 3.2 L
Horsepower 181 200
Torque (Nm) 430 470
Transmission 8-speed AT with Sports Mode 6-peed AT
Drive train 4WD 4WD
Front suspension Double Wishbone with Coil Springs and Stabilizer Bar
  • Independent
  • Double wishbone with coil over shock
  • Anti-Roll bar
Rear suspension 3-link with Coil Springs and Stabilizer Bar Multi-link live axle w/ coil springs
Front brakes Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc
Rear brakes Drum-In-Disc Solid Disc
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Euro 4 Yes Yes

3. Everest vs Montero: Safety Features

Will it be another takedown by the Everest, in this next round in this battle. Most premium options like mid-sized SUVs will have better or good safety equipment not found in cheaper options.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: This is a five-star rated mid-sized SUV because it has all the better safeties equipped as standard equipment. A good package for adult and child safety that is emphasized and maximized.

Bad: It lacks any collision mitigation system and cross traffic sonar which is relevant, to get plus rating.

Ford Everest

Good: A big and robust SUV that has collision mitigation and cross traffic sonar, which are excellent driver safety aides. All the lifesaving tech is installed to make it a safer option

Bad: Nothing bad here, except overkill in safety equipment that’s equipped!

Verdict: The Everest has all the best safeties and earns another point, over the Montero.

Ford Everest vs Mitsubishi Montero: Safety Features
  Mitsubishi Montero Ford Everest
Dual airbags Yes Yes
Side airbags Yes Yes
Curtain airbags Yes Yes
Knee airbags Yes Yes
3-pt. ELR seatbelts Yes Yes
Pretensioner Yes Yes
Isofix mounts Yes Yes
ABS, EBD, BA Yes Yes
Power locks Yes Yes
Speed Sensing locks - Yes
HSA Yes Yes
Lane departure warning - Yes
Rear cross traffic alert - Yes
Blindside monitor Yes Yes
Rear camera Yes Yes
Auto lock Yes Yes
Sonar Back Back
Power side view mirror Yes Yes
Cruise control Yes Yes
Immobilizer Yes Yes

4. Everest vs Montero: Comfort Features

In this head-to-head which are SUVs with expensive tag prices should be very comfortable! Sub-compacts get the cheap stuff, because of the price but these options are the best appointed when compared to others options.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: Nothing to gripe about, because this is all good and has good features too!

Bad: There’s no point to complain or rant about because the Montero is all about comfort!

Ford Everest

Good: Money is well spent, and it comes with the best comfort features that can be found.

Bad: Becoming trapped in traffic, in this car is nothing because it is grade A-1 comfort.

Verdict: Both options are evenly matched and are both nice, no points but draw.

Montero vs Everest: Comfort
  Mitsubishi Montero Ford Everest
Leather seats Yes Yes
AC Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control
Navigation Yes Yes
Power Mirror Yes Yes
Steering wheel controls Yes Yes
Power windows Yes Yes
Power steering Yes Yes
Power Door Locks Yes Yes
Head unit Yes Yes
Lighted vanity mirror Yes Yes
Collapsible seats Yes Yes

5. Everest vs Montero: Exterior

If the inside is packed, then the exterior should be excellent with everything needed. Anything missing in this comparison would need improvement.

Mitsubishi Montero

Good: This option has all the bells and whistle needed, so nothing is missing.

Bad: It has no rain sensor which is very helpful while driving.

Ford Everest

Good: Why should small touches be important, especially when a rain sensor will win it!

Bad: No bad, but all the best of all amenities needed in an SUV option! No regrets and very satisfying for what it offers.

Verdict: Ending the throw-down is the last point that belongs to the Everest. It rules and bests the Montero with such power and ease, to make it the best option!

Montero vs Everest: Exterior
  Mitsubishi Monterio Ford Everest
Head lights LED Projector HID Projector Type
Auto lights Yes Yes
Third brake light Yes Yes
Fog lights Yes Yes
Rain sensor - Yes

6. Everest vs Montero: Conclusion

The best option in this car head-to-head is the Everest that outclassed the Japanese SUV decisively. Between, the two SUVs which shared similar equipment but the Everest added more to its equipment list! While the Montero retained a standard set-up compared to the Everest that went all out! This is how the throw-down played out, which was ruled by American mid-sized SUV.

everest vs montero philippines

The best option in this car head-to-head is the Everest

  • Size is important, but the Everest was way bigger with more millimeters to spare. Comparing wading depth, to the ground clearance which won the point for the Everest.
  • Performance was a steam-roller where the Everest proved that a robust SUV is still the king. Another easy point for the Ford mid-sized SUV again!
  • These options share the same basic safeties, but with the Everest equipped with the newest and modern safety aides that sealed the deal. An effortless win again by the Everest, once again.
  • Both are equal and have the same equipment which is a draw!
  • Extras like a rain sensor do it, the Everest kicks and wins it!
  • The Montero has good safeties that deserve a five-star given to it. Everest gets a five-star plus for collision mitigation and blindside monitors, for better safety.
  • Cost is a deal-breaker for many, and the higher cost of the Everest (4X4) may be a tough call. But, the cheaper Montero could be for more individuals.

In the end, it’s the Everest with its robust equipment and amenities for the win! But, the Montero is a good SUV to get, despite and it’s just personal preference.