Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines: As cool as you expect

Oct 19, 2020

Have you explored Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines? Read our in-depth review of this latest version of Toyota's executive saloon that has just arrived in the Philippines.

Sedan Automatic

The mid-size sedan 2019 Toyota Camry Philippines has always been known for its consistently high sales, which many automakers want to achieve. If you are planning to change to this model, it's promising to wear a bolder look, along with an enhance in performance.

In this article, will have a closer look and give you the price for the 8th generation - Toyota Camry 2019. Let's dig in!

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines Exterior: Modern athletic but elegant

Toyota seems to do a makeover for Toyota Camry 2019 by undressing the simplicity of the car for such a long time and putting on it a modern athletic but elegant look, especially from the side's view. The car looks much more fashionable compared with other sedans in Toyota's Philippine lineup. 

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines

A modern athletic but elegant look for Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines

The upfront of this new Camry is riddled with smooth swoops and curbs all around, from the hood to the upper and lower grille. Along with the curved character, lines flow seamlessly from forward to backward and sharp LED headlights that look good day and night. Also, the hood is filled with deep strakes to compliment a muscular appearance for the car.

The lines on the upfront continue looking amazing down the side of the Camry, making the car more unique. The 18-inch alloys sit on the 235/45/R18 car tire with ventilated discs up front and solid at the back.  

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines

The masculinity of Camry’s side

The rear of the 2019 Camry is well-designed. It looks great with thin lights, and enough sharp edges to show off and the incredibly stylish lid on the trunk. Opening it up, in front of you is 425 liters of space which is so impressive because those rear seats recline.

Toyota Camry 2019 rear

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines Interior: Appealing flashy design

The Camry's interior gives an appealing flashy look with sweeping lines and acute angles. Going inside the cabin, the first thing striking you is how dark it is. The dash features a mix of high-quality materials such as black leather and plastic surfaces to the door panels, even on the console box lid. The car comes equipped with privacy shades for the side.
For the rear, you've got cup holders on the center armrest, two vents up, and also two 2.1-Ampere chargers. There's also a black panel for the climate control system. The panel lights up during the car is running, and allows you to alter to your preferred temperature without the help of your driver. Moreover, the car has a convenient hatch to reach in and get your stuff when you forget it in the back.

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines interior

The panel in the rear allows you to adjust the temperature by yourself

Go for the front; everything is much more leather which offers a very nice touch. Especially, getting into the proper driving position is easy as the car's leather seats feature power-adjusted for the most convenient to sit on, as well as a power-adjustable steering wheel with the sport option more driving. 

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines interior

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines interior

Everything in the interior’s front is much most leather which offers a very nice touch

In the center of the dashboard, there is an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, Apple car play with standard support, and a 3.0 audio system. Also, Camry 2019 sees much enhancement for GPS, wireless charging, and Wi-Fi connection.
The color display inherits the concept of luxury, including plenty of interior parts: navigation controls, air-conditioning temperature, safety info, and speedometer.

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines: Powerful Engine

From the 7th generation version, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) decided to remove the V6 engine, and this Camry is on the list, too. For the missing, TMP explained that the 2.5-liter engine is enough for their target customers' needs in the Philippines.
Having said that, this 2.5-liter engine can deliver 181hp and 231Nm, powerful to put the car in gears for leisures driving and occasional sprint. Exploring deeper, the six-speed automatic can provide a decent downshift to get your desired pull. Also, fuel economy is decent for a 2.5 liter; you can get 7.5 kilometers per liter in the city and 14.2 kilometers per liter on the highway.

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines

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Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines Safety: As cool as you expect

The 2019 Camry in the Philippines is known as one of the safest passenger cars in the market with its perfect ASEAN NCAP rating. This 8th generation Camry comes equipped with an assist system for safety: seven airbags, ABS with EBD, brake assist with automatic emergency braking, three driving modes, front and rear sensors, blind-spot monitoring, hill-start assist, vehicle stability control, and ISOFIX. 

Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines Performance: Quick and Smooth

Handling and traction was probably the Camry's best asset in terms of performance. Jumping on the car and drive it, you will feel the lightness and forget that you were driving a 3,200-pound front-wheel drive.

The Camry takes curves so smoothly. It's set, it's quick, and it responds very well, and the suspension doesn't only sit down when you're taking curves. It's well-adjusted when you need slow and tight maneuvers in the city and a lot more curves on the outside. It's fasciating when attacking long curves at about 80 km/h with your body slightly rolling.

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Toyota Camry 2019: Price list in the Philippines

The following table is the price for 8th generation Toyota Camry 2019, starting at P1,806,000 for the 2.5G version:



Toyota Camry 2.5 G


Toyota Camry 2.5 G White Pearl


Toyota Camry 2.5 V    


Toyota Camry 2.5 V White Pearl


Final Thought

We can say that the mid-size sedan Toyota Camry 2019 Philippines is such an executive's best friend through Philippine roads. With a bold look and a powerful engine, Camry 2019 deserves to retain its title of "The King of Sedans".
That's the end of our today's review, stay tuned and see you again in our next articles on!