Off-road Driving Tips For Beginners: Everything You Should Know

Aug 28, 2020

Are you a terrain vehicle enthusiast? Or do you want to start trying out this kind of excitement? Imagine that you can conquer trails or large sand dunes in one car. It is so amazing, right? Do not worry if you find it difficult. We are here to show you off-road driving tips for beginners. Let's find out right away!

1. Understand your vehicle

off road driving

Understand your vehicle

It is a must to understand your car. Of course, what we are talking about here is not simply knowing how to drive. Instead, you must understand all the specific details of your car, such as its weight, its power of engine, how it operates, etc.

Due to this reason, when you get into trouble while driving off-road, you will be able to find the solution quickly. But overall, there are two most important things that you should know about your vehicle.

Traction control system

The traction control system tells how well your car can prevent slipping on the road.

When you buy a car, there is always an instruction manual that comes along with it. The manual will contain all the information about your vehicle, including the traction control system. Read it and remember the traction detail.

land rover defender

Land Rover Defender

4WD high or 4WD low option for the amount of torque

Basically, torque is the power of a vehicle. While a strong motor shows how fast a vehicle can operate, the torque shows how fast the wheel can gain its speed. 

The two options 4WD high and 4WD low show how much torque is enough for the car to conquer off-road terrains with ease.

For example, when you choose the 4WD high type, less torque will be applied, but more traction will be provided. On the other hand, choosing the 4WD low option will allow the car to send more torque to the four wheels, but that will make them receive less traction.

2. Consider the need for special equipment

off road driving

Consider the need for special equipment

You surely don’t want your car to encounter system issues in the middle of the road, right? Therefore, you should check out all pieces of equipment of your vehicle.


For example, the tires must be the right type in order to withstand unconventional terrain. Typically, there are three types of tires used for off-road driving which are:

  • Sand tires
  • Rock tires
  • Mud tires

Depending on your purposes, you can decide which tires you need to equip for your vehicle.


Many people think that suspension is not an important factor in most common cars. However, this equipment is one of the most important things in an off-road vehicle.  

What can the suspension do? Well! It works to absorb any shock while you are driving on the slope. Thanks to it, you are able to control your vehicle easier.

Due to this reason, whenever you are about to start an off-road journey, don’t forget to add a suspension to your car.

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3. Preparation is the key

Needless to say, preparation is always one of the best off-road driving tips for beginners. Just imagine that your car gets into a problem and stops operating in the middle of the way. At that time, the tool that you have prepared will play a big role in fixing the issue!

Some tools you can put in the car’s trunk are:

  • First-aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Glass breaker
  • Belt cutter
  • Snack, Drinks
  • Clothes

off road driving

Preparation is the key

4. Hone your off-road driving skills


off road driving

Hone your off-road driving skills

Having enough preparation is good, but you have to hone your off-road driving skills regularly as well.

We will take an example for you. In case you are about to travel over a muddy place, what will you do? Of course, you will need experience to evaluate that area (the depth, the large, etc.), and then come up with a timely solution, right? So, how to get those experiences? Well! All we can tell is from training!

At least, when you decide to travel with your off-road vehicle, you have to know what to do if you meet either a rocky or a wet area. For wet places, make sure that you choose the 4WD high option for more traction added. On the other hand, light the 4WD low on for more torque in order to get through the rocky terrain.

5. Listen to off-roaders' advice

As a starter, you should listen to the advanced off-roaders’ advice. Usually, these people will tell you to:

Be careful with the speed

Never drive a car at high speed, especially on difficult terrains. You may have to struggle to take the vehicle under control while it is moving fastly.

Not to drive on undiscovered road

Some routes are not discovered yet! Thus, they are still very dangerous for newbies to drive on. So, never challenge yourself on this type of road. Otherwise, you will get unexpected accidents, which lead to serious injuries.

Have the contact of people who live near the road

When trouble comes, it is often difficult to ask a person for help, as not many people live in this unconventional area. Hence, the professional off-roaders will advise you to keep in contact with the people nearby. And if you could, you should ask these drivers for these contacts. Of course, they will not hesitate to share them with you!

off road driving

Listen from off-roaders' advice

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6. Conclusion

Going on an off-road adventure is cool, but it may be dangerous without the off-road driving tips for beginners above. So make sure that you remember and follow all of our advice while traveling!

If you have more tips for driving on bad terrain, please share them with us! will help you spread the message to all driver starters!