Kia Stonic 2022: The Latest Review You Should Read!

Feb 25, 2022

This is a review of the Kia Stonic 2022 about what it's like to drive, how much power it has, and all the great features you need to know. Let's read our post now!


What is the best car? That's a tricky question to answer. Many cars do different things well, and it all depends on what you want out of your vehicle. 

We have one choice here for you! The Kia Stonic 2022 is an excellent choice if you need something sporty but don't want to sacrifice comfort or practicality. It handles like a dream, has tons of power under the hood, and still has plenty of room for passengers in back seats.

To learn more about this impressive car, be sure to read our full review below. Let's get started!

Kia Stonic 2022 Specs Review

Kia Stonic 2022 Specs Review


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Kia Stonic Exterior 

The statement "the style that's iconic" caught our attention at first because it seemed a little daring. How can a small crossover be so legendary or unique? 

We've driven many crossovers on the road and tested nearly every subcompact crossover in the market. So, what makes the Kia Stonic stand out?

The Kia Sorento's spacious interior has attractive front fascias, including the odd-looking blocked-off Kia trademark tiger-nose grille. While it isn't a dealbreaker, it is a minor design fault. 

We're not sure why Kia has cut off this front region, but it looks appropriate. Even if it's just a halogen projector, the headlights in the front are excellent.

Kia stonic Interior

Kia stonic Interior


Like most Kia models, the Kia Stonic interior 2022 is extremely impressive. Everything is in its proper place, and there are no issues with the build quality. Everything feels solid. 

There's barely any wobble from the shifter to the dashboard. It features these aesthetically and functionally intriguing front climate control vents that remind us of a Pokeball, a death star, or something. 

It's either fascinating or practical, and it may be used by your bored front passenger while stationary in traffic to fiddle with.

If you're 6-feet tall, the Kia Stonic 2022 will feel a little cramped. The restricted back was anticipated because it shares a platform with the Kia Rio, which isn't class-leading rear passenger space.

Because of this, more significant adults may find themselves in a squeeze, although 6-footers will still be able to fit with the front seat moved forward about halfway. 

Meanwhile, this model's rear cargo capacity is average for the class, coming in at 325 liters when all seats are upright. While the loading lip isn't too bad, it might be worth mentioning.

Let's talk about it, honestly. The inside isn't precisely a Rolls-Royce. It's not terrible or messy, and it's undoubtedly not opulent. It's a well-maintained and high-quality environment to be in. 

The addition of silver accents gives the interior a touch of refinement, but we wish the cabin had been leather to add some flair and accent stitching in conjunction with the vibrant range of hues.

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Comfort of Kia Stonic 2022


The Stonic's suspension and chassis are two of the best in the class. Its suspension is soft and compliant enough to handle a variety of potholes and bumps. 

The car's extra ride height makes bottoming out a lot less of a worry, while its smooth ride quality minimizes the fear of jarring over bumps.

The noise of the road traffic and wind can be a little distracting. However, it's nothing to be concerned about since the sound deadening is excellent and world-class. 

Considering that this vehicle was intended to be a worldwide model, particularly one used on European highways, the car impresses with its overall build quality, which shines while driving. This model was well-behaved in turns, with only minor body roll occurring.

If you wonder whether the Kia Stonic price Philippines 2022 will increase with the convenient features above or not, the answer is no. This car model is of great value. It comes with an automatic transmission, heated front seats, and a sunroof.


The driver's seat is designed with a 6-way power-adjustable lumbar support and an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This head unit is entirely up to date for 2022 and is paired to a 6-speaker audio system. 

The speakers are decent for a stock set but nothing too thumpy or bassy, which is acceptable given the Kia Stonic 2022 price range.

Reverse and side cameras are optional, but the one you get is not clear or of the highest resolution. You have reverse parking sensors to match, even if they aren't the greatest or clearest. The camera isn't our favorite aspect of this vehicle, but it's there when you need it.



ABS, EBD, twin front airbags, hill-start assist, electronic stability control, and ISOFIX Tethers are standard on the EX versions.

With its 3-star NCAP safety rating and a limited feature list, the Kia Stonic may not seem to be all that secure.

However, when you combine its 3-star NCAP score with the fact that it offers a 3-star NCAP rating in practically every category possible, you've got yourself a pretty safe car. This model has a 3 out of 5-star overall score from us. Not great, but adequate for essential protection.

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The Kia Stonic's handling capabilities are its most significant feature. There isn't a lack of sharpness in the vehicle's steering and chassis. 

Kia Stonic model has excellent handling, and it handles well, even if it has only a MacPherson strut and torsion beam in the back when riding on windy and curvy roads.

The brakes are responsive, and their feedback when activated is excellent. The steering is also accurate, and the vehicle is a lot of fun to drive, allowing you to receive a lot of feedback while going faster.

At slower speeds, anticipate a very compliant and easy-driving experience. Because the car has tiny dimensions, you won't have to worry about scraping it.

Overall, it's a vehicle that handles excellently. Kia has put in some effort to make it an enjoyable driving experience. 

The main limitation here is the engine, which isn't spectacular. It will be enough for everyday transportation, but going above the speed limit might take some time. After all, it's only a 1.4-liter motor, so don't expect miracles from it.

Kia Stonic 2022 price Philippines is not very expensive for the class it competes with. The model is available in Europe, where its automakers sell it for just €14,950. 

If you're asking if this vehicle will be popular in the Philippines or not, the answer can be yes because carmakers are aiming to introduce the latest cars here, in the Philippines.


In the end, it all boils down to what you need from your car. If you're looking for something that will give you a thrill behind the wheel and still be comfortable enough to take on long drives with friends, then the Kia Stonic 2022 might be perfect for you. 

We hope you can choose a suitable model for you based on our above review. Stay tuned as we continue providing helpful advice on finding your next ideal automobile at our category Cars review

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Kia Stonic Exterior


Kia stonic Interior