Toyota Tundra Review - A Unique Truck

Jun 13, 2022

This new design is the year’s most expected car. Let’s look at our Toyota Tundra review for its important features and price as we prepare for its release.

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Toyota is a worldwide company that produces about 10 million automobiles every year. It is now one of its country’s top revenue creators. It’s time for its new creation as the design is on its way to its first debut, and it appears to be a big arrival. With the notable front grille, it has overtones of toughness, which will undoubtedly make your mouth drop low once you encounter this beast in reality or on recorded footage.

The next article is our full Toyota Tundra review to please your curiosity. Make sure to read it all!

Toyota Tundra Price

The Toyota Tundra 2022 costs aprox 4.5 million pesos. However, it includes several technological changes, which raise its price in contrast to worldwide predicted values. Regards to appearance, this latest design will be larger and heavier than the earlier model.

It will also include improved technology and more safety options to increase its utility.

Toyota Tundra Specs

Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra


The car is a tough, fully prepared vehicle with a distinctive design guaranteed to impress. It comes standard with the TRD, which includes huge LED lights between the grille. 

It stated that the design would fit a Toyota Tundra off road for its hybrid variant, coil spring hind suspension. You can have a glance at its specifications in the following table.





Overall dimensions

1981 x 5933 x 2037 mm


3701 mm

Fuel tank capacity

26.4 gallons

Engine displacement


Engine type

Twin-Turbo V6 Toyota Tundra engine


10-speed automatic


Rear disc


Front: MacPherson Strut

Back: Torsion Beam

Toyota Tundra Review


Toyota Tundra exterior

Toyota Tundra with a unique appearance


The model receives a new styling cue, making it considerably tougher and more futuristic than ever, distinguishing it from other compact trucks on the market. 

The new design boasts a highly muscular and assertive front design as its grille has an attractive silver finish around the sides and the top. The headlights are also distinctively fashioned, with large daylight LEDs. They are distinguished by small surface air vents located beneath them.

Moreover, its side view appears elevated, with considerable ride height. The deep black, squared wheels provide qualities to its side appearance. While the rest are monotone, the door grips and window panes are painted chrome, complementing the athletic look.

The vehicle’s exterior is furnished with elevated equipment such as a manual adjustment side mirror, a centered fuel container, and aluminum wheels. 

Other features that improve its appearance include an embedded antenna, a turn signal on the outside of the mirror, and adjustable headlights. With the low price it provides, acquiring all these fantastic exterior upgrades is a huge deal.


The Toyota Tundra interior is pleasant and roomy, with an appealing dashboard. The materials used throughout its parts are of greater quality than prior versions, from the main dashboard to the body frames. 

It is visible whether checking at them upfront or riding inside one. Several black and gray interior components contribute to the vehicle's muscular appearance. 

Considering the large ventilation system finalized in silver, the huge infotainment system with a touchscreen and a spacious center compartment contains a small shift lever and a broad armrest. It also features a four-spoke driving wheel with many functions attached.

Toyota Tundra interior

Toyota Tundra interior

Right below is a big display dashboard with double automatic temperature control. Furthermore, the cabin features leather furniture and is extremely spacious with the help of its wide overall dimensions.

The panel makes it simple to have control of your speed, engine heat, and other essential information. Regular versions come equipped with analog indicators, while top specs offer an astounding digital display.

It is a powerful vehicle with three various cab designs and bed layouts to give you more options to choose from.


The only powertrain combination to achieve the Toyota Tundra top speed is a twin-turbo V6 gasoline engine paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission. This engine has a peak of 437 hp power performance and a highest of 790 Nm torque output.

Safety And Technology

The design is the safest car on open roads. The vehicle is installed with safety features such as automatic bright lights and blind-spot tracking, ideal when you don’t know you will need it.

Toyota Tundra Philippines

Toyota Tundra 

Other critical features for safety include the standard automated emergency brakes and ahead collision warning. Cruise control and lane-keeping assistance are additional features that help you drive the car more safely.

You may now select your preferred size for your touchscreen. The company took a further step to provide a wireless infotainment system. Unfortunately, it has no volume control or sound effects.

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Thank you for your precious time on our Toyota Tundra review. The muscular appearance on the inside out, dependable features, and a wide list of extras make the car both practical and appealing. 

Start at an affordable price, and it can be your greatest deal thanks to all the features and benefits it will provide you, not to mention a decent and strong engine. 

This latest model promises you to become an excellent design with improved technologies and specifications not seen in previous versions. If you are searching for a solid pickup truck at a reasonable price, the above vehicle can be what you wish.

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