Toyota Corolla Cross 2020: The features you want, at the price you want

Jan 19, 2021

Each model comes to the market with different features, functions, and designs. Are you having a hard time choosing a suitable car? We are here to help you out with the Toyota Corolla Cross 2020.


One of the newest cars in the current market is the Toyota Corolla Cross, which comes up with a variety of features and comfy seats. This article will provide all the needed information about the Toyota Corolla Cross 2020. Do not hesitate to give our post a check!

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020: Exterior Review

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 Exterior

The 2020 Corolla Cross certainly has the looks of an SUV, with a strong exterior completion suggestive of the RAV4.

In advance is a familiar face with a refined grille flanked by thin, cleared-back headlamps. The dark accents on the front belt proceed over to the side onto the wheel wells and the side skirts. Whereas, the back follows the equivalent styling with a comparable bumper as the front. There is also getting ample ground clearance at 161 mm.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 exterior

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 has the LEDs for the Hybrid variation and Halogen projectors for the 1.8 G variation.

Daytime running lights are available in the two variations; however, the V gets LEDs while the G gets halogen bulbs all things being equal. Proceeding onward to the Crossover's rear, the two variations come standard with LED taillights that accompany a line guide and bulbs. The two variations get power-flexible rearview mirrors with the V variation additionally getting converse camera usefulness.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 Interior: What's behind the door?

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 offers a grey headliner emphasizing a dark theme inside that.

The accessible seat material is the fabric for the G variation and leather for the V hybrid model. Since it shares the framework and parts with the Corolla Altis, the dashboard layout in both cars is much the same. The range-topping model accompanies a 7-inch advanced check bunch while the section level G model gets a 3.5-inch show rather which is flanked by simple measures.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 interior

There are five-seat SUVs that also boast a spacious, cowhide-clad cabin.

The Corolla Cross has enormously improved headroom for back passengers that feel more comfortable. The seating position feels like being lowered. The rear glass zone is ordinary in size and looks airier.
Furthermore, it has a smart section and push-starts framework, and telephone available for all trims. The crossover makes it stride further with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

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Toyota Corolla Cross 2020: Specs and Features


  Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8G CVT Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8V HV CVT

Engine Type

In-Line 4

In-Line 4 + Electric

Engine Displacement









Continuously Variable

Front Brakes


Rear Suspension

Independent MacPherson

Independent MacPherson strut


17-inch alloy

18-inch alloy





Front-Wheel Drive


With most new Toyotas nowadays, the Corolla Cross gets two motor choices: a crossover setup and a customary gas mill. The crossover highlights a 1.8-liter powertrain with an electric engine that delivers a complete system output of 120hp. Power is transmitted to the front wheels using an electric CVT. Meanwhile, the fuel controlled arrangement is made out of a 1.8-liter motor which produces 138hp and 172Nm of torque. It sports the equivalent drivetrain as the crossover model. 

2020 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla provides many features that make it worth buying in the market.

Its hybrid variation accompanies an enormous 8-inch infotainment framework that currently offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capacities as standard, leading to the client effectively syncing their telephones to the car to all the better use their phones without looking away from the street. 

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 contains many features to help the car safer when it comes to safety.

First, it accompanies a Pre-Collision System that utilizes a coordinated camera and the radar framework to help lessen the chances of slamming into a vehicle or a walker ahead. 

Second, adaptive journey control utilizes radar taken cover behind the Toyota identification plus a camera on the windshield to filter the road ahead and change its speed. It can likewise keep a preset distance from the vehicle in front. 

Third, Lane Departure Alert outputs the roads to caution you when it detects that the car is veering out of its path, in any event, when path markers are blurred or barely present by all. It works with Lane Tracing Assist, which watches the street lines and goes before vehicles to keep the car-focused and in its path. 

Finally, there is an automatic High Beam (for late evening driving) using the camera to recognize headlights of approaching vehicles, and switches among high and low bars appropriately, which will help to evade approaching vehicles astonishing you out of spite.

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Toyota Corolla Cross 2020: Price list

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 Price list in the Philippines



Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8G CVT ₱1,285,000
Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8V HV CVT  ₱1,650,000


Overall, there are many car options in the market for you to opt for. You need to think and search for information carefully before purchasing. Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 brings many advantages that can meet your desires, especially for those who love technology.
With the review of the Corolla Cross 2020, we do hope that you will have a clear understanding and quickly determine to buy one that suits you the best. Good luck with your purchase, and see you in our next posts on!