What's New With Toyota Avanza 2017? - The Strike From Japan

Nov 26, 2020

Let's take an overview of the Toyota Avanza 2017 in terms of design, convenience, and safety equipment to see whether you should buy it or not.


For those looking for a car that has a durable and fuel-saving performance, Toyota Avanza 2017 is considered one of the best choices. This affordable car is suitable for both family and business thanks to its seven seating capacity.

For more details, let's jump straight into the Toyota Avanza 2017 review by Philcarreview.com!

Toyota Avanza 2017 Overview

Toyota Avanza is a Filipino family car fitting of at least seven people. From the front bumper to the perfect accessory for the rear, it provides refurbished products with delicate lines. This model is one of the most sold models from Toyota, with more than 50,000 systems sold worldwide.

Toyota Avanza 2017

According to different trims, the interior design is black/brown or black/gray, featuring an elegant appearance. The 2017 Avanza has large cargo space, and when not in use, the seats can be folded at a 50/50 ratio to reveal a spacious loading area.

Toyota Avanza 2017 Exterior: How does it look?

There are six colors: Nebula Blue Metal, Beige Metal, Gray Metal, Mica Metallic Silver, Black Metal, and White that Toyota Avanza offers. If you head to the classic vibe, the Black Metal is a good option. Otherwise, if the sporty style is your type, you can refer to the Mica Metallic Silver. 

Toyota Avanza 2017

Toyota Avanza provides better road performance and higher fuel economy. This car uses more effective methods to control vibration to help eliminate noise and harsh sounds, thereby creating a fair driving environment. 

The front headlights of Toyota Avanza 2017

The car also offers a higher-end appearance, including modified headlights, grille, and bumpers. In short, this model has an impressive appearance, still multifaceted and versatile of an MPV. Not only that, but the 2017 Avanza can also achieve similar performance to sports cars through the new 15-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota Avanza 2017 Interior: What it has to offer?

The color of the 2017 Avanza has changed a lot. It shows a two-tone interior theme - a mixture of dark brown and gray, which, to some extent, makes it look better than the most compact MPV. For the color change, the manufacturer believes that the driver will be in a more relaxed state during any trip.

Toyota Avanza 2017 Interior

Toyota Avanza provides an ecological indicator to achieve its best fuel economy. As the top model, it gets a touch screen sound with navigation ready. By folding the third row at a 50/50 ratio when necessary, its configurable seating arrangement can provide considerable cargo space for the car.

Toyota Avanza 2017 Interior

Toyota Avanza maintains its reputation by ensuring the safety of drivers and travelers. It provides a digital anti-lock brake system - one of the safest technologies that complement automotive brakes.

Toyota Avanza 2017 Accessories

The latest update Toyota Avanza 2017 adds a sense of luxury to its previous interior, with a 6.2-inch touch screen system and 2DIN music games for home entertainment, dual air conditioning systems for cooling, and other functions. The safety system comes with airbags, ABS with digital brake blood circulation, Isofix, and Toyota Automobile Security System, which are now standard equipment.

ISOFIX is a standard of the connection point of child seats. That makes it easier to install child seats in a car by using two brackets at the bottom of the seat to hook into two predetermined positions, or sometimes a flat iron.

Toyota Avanza 2017 Exterior

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Toyota Avanza 2017 Engine & Performance

Toyota Avanza 2017 has a more efficient gasoline engine. They introduced 190 horsepower and a 5-price manual gearbox, which is worthy of respect. Two engine options are available, both of which benefit from the Double VVT-i 4-cylinder DOHC engine: 1.3-liter engine and 1.5-liter engine. The former can produce about 95hp and 121 Nm of torque. The latter can provide 103 hp of output power and 136 Nm of torque - a slight increase in output power compared to the previous design. The new engine of the 2017 Avanza is mated with a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Avanza 2017 Engin

The above two engine configurations are synchronized with the rear-wheel-drive system and provide better thrust than the front-wheel drive's pull structure. In addition to optimized control, Toyota Avanza also uses electric power steering, MacPherson-type front suspension, and a multi-link rear suspension compatible with various working conditions. Therefore, the grip and the ability to maintain the balance of the vehicle are both good.

Besides, the car is also equipped with a front suspension, multipoint linkage, and front brakes. At the same time, it also integrates additional radiators and drums for smooth operation.

How much is Toyota Avanza 2017 in the Philippines?

A used Toyota Avanza 2017 now costs from ₱525,000 for the entry-level to ₱625,000 for the most advanced variants. This is a very affordable price tag for those looking for a good 7-seater MPV in the Philippines.

Toyota Avanza 2017

Toyota Avanza 2017 Philippines: Final recommendations

All in all, Toyota Avanza 2017 is now more attractive and valuable than ever. This can accommodate seven seats at any given moment. Thanks to its configurable third row, it provides more space for transporting goods and has a better fuel economy.

With an origin from a reputable car brand, Toyota Avanza is considered the right MPV for car lovers at the moment.

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