Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines: A Compact Hatchback Perfect For Small Families

Dec 30, 2020

Looking for a car with a European design from an Asian brand? The Japanese maker Suzuki will make you satisfied with Suzuki Swift 2019.


The Swift second and third generation is reminiscent of iconic cars that often run on UK streets. Besides, its low fuel consumption and excellent handling ability enjoy the trust of many drivers. In today's article, is back with detailed information about Suzuki Swift 2019 in the Philippines before you decide to buy.

1. Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines: Introduction

Suzuki launched Swift for the first time in the Philippine market in 2005. The European vibe, good handling, and engines have won many Filipino drivers' hearts since then. By 2018, Suzuki introduced the third generation of Swift with a modern look and refinement in the specifications.

The modern design of Suzuki Swift 2019 seems smaller but sleeker than the previous generation. The short length is 10mm shorter, the width increases 40mm, and the height is 15mm lower. While retaining the signature Swift design, the small hatchback has bold and adventurous additions to make a difference.

Suzuki Swift 2019

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2. How's The Exterior Of Suzuki Swift 2019?

Suzuki Swift 2019

The small hatchback from the Suzuki brand has a cute and bold design

Its compact design still retains the typical European style but is more curved and has fewer joints than previous generations with old-fashioned borders. The front of Suzuki Swift 2019 is charming, with a large grille and bulging lines on the hood that follow the sharp headlight shape.

Significantly, the front fascia is refined with red stripes running across the hexagonal grille on the Special Edition. Just below the grille is an air intake cavity connecting two LED fog lights for a sporty look to the hatchback.

Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines exterior

The front fascia is refined with red stripes running across the hexagonal grille on the Special Edition

The side retains the sloping roofline but adds an extra character to the chiseled panels. The side windows and the hatch are connected to the ceiling by the black section at the C-pillars. The rear passenger door handles become a hidden unit in the C-pillar, making the Swift exterior design extremely flexible. The method of the 16-inch rim is quite simple and reliable.

Seen from behind, the 2019 Swift stands out and has a wide stance thanks to the bulging blocks and angled headlights. The prominent LED taillights create an excellent feature for this model.

Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines exterior

The prominent LED taillights create an excellent feature for this model

3. What's Inside Suzuki Swift 2019?

Thanks to a 20mm increased wheelbase, the interior space of Suzuki Swift 2019 rises significantly. The headroom is large enough for a 6 feet tall person to feel comfortable. On the other hand, the soft fabric seat material and embossed texture create a feeling when sitting.

Suzuki Swift 2019 interior

The driver seat is entirely satisfied with an extensive line of chairs surrounding the occupants

Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines interior

The second row of seats is spacious and cozy enough for three adult passengers

The legroom is just average, in contrast, passengers will get extra storage space such as cup holders, bottle holders, and bags.

Cargo space of the sub-compact is also quite large, with 556 liters maximum and 242 minimum (when the rear seats are lowered). The full size of the cargo box holds one standard baby stroller and several cargo bags. You can maximize space by folding the rear seats, but it is better to fold the seatbacks flat on the floor. Besides, the car trunk has an extra cargo lid that can be as a tray.

The glossy plastic quality surrounding the devices looks cheaper than the classy aiming style. Meanwhile, the metallic white interior accents give the car a sporty vibe.

4. Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines: Engine & Performance

Suzuki Swift 2019 in the Philippines owns a 1.2L K12M inline-four petrol engine that is compact under the hood. The new output of the car reaches 82 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 114 Nm of torque. The vehicle has two gearbox options: a 5-speed manual transmission and a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Suzuki Swift 2019 Engine

Suzuki Swift 2019 engine bay

The base of the current Suzuki Swift is the latest HEARTECT platform with a stiffer and lighter chassis. The design of many curves and fewer joints will help efficiently disperse the collision impact energy. While the front suspension now has a shorter hollow stabilizer bar and a lighter subframe, the rear suspension retains the semi-independent torsion beam but improves the crossbar and adjustable swingarm. Suzuki Swift gets world standard tires with low profile 185 / 55R16 tires. The brakes of the Suzuki Swift 2019 include ventilated discs and drums, and the most advanced variant has disc brakes in all corners.

Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines

As expected, the Swift could pull its laden weight pretty well, but it was not overpowering whether running at speeds. Sport mode improves the 2019 Swift speed and ability to overtake and change lanes, but yes, it affects fuel consumption. Meanwhile, the large yet lightweight steering wheel makes driving and parking maneuvers relatively light. On the other hand, the brake system of the basic version feels unsure enough to stop safely.

Suzuki Swift 2019 Performance

In terms of ride comfort, the capabilities are highly regarded. The suspension absorbs most of the slight impact when the road is a bit bumpy, so the passengers feel almost no effect. The ability to isolate the engine and outside noise of this car is average.

5. What Are Safety Features In The 2019 Swift?

Suzuki equips Swift with a new dashboard design with an analog chronograph gauge, circular A/C vents in the center, and an infotainment touchscreen display. The white plastic accents on the dashboard look lackluster and disrupt the overall dark color scheme, nevertheless fulfilling its mission.

Suzuki Swift 2019's infotainment system features an eight-inch multimedia touchscreen with practical volume buttons. Bluetooth and Android Auto, both available in the design, will make it easy to connect your phone and enjoy your music. The sound system is not too excellent, but the speaker quality can also reach the standard of some more advanced cars.

Suzuki Swift 2019 Interior

One unique feature in the 2019 model is the sporty three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel. Premium leather materials, the sensible button layout, and the button responsiveness help create a premium and lightweight overall feel for the ride.

Besides, the air conditioning system needs a lot of improvement. The round center vents and rectangular round-the-air vents get the job done in the morning and night. However, when idling during peak midday, you need to set A/C to the maximum level to comfort all passengers.

Suzuki Swift 2019 comes standard with ABS, dual airbags, three-point seat belts, and ISOFIX child seat anchors in terms of safety.

6. Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines: FAQs

Q: How much is the 2019 Suzuki Swift in the Philippines?

A: Suzuki Swift 2019 models start with ₱ 755,000 for the entry-level variant and finish with ₱ 899,000 for the range-topping variant.

Suzuki Swift 2019 Price list in the Philippines



2019 Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL CVT


2019 Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL M/T


2019 Suzuki Swift 1.2 Special Edition M/T


2019 Suzuki Swift 1.2 Special Edition CVT


Q: Is the 2019 Suzuki Swift a good car?

A: Suzuki offers all the necessary features and some premium features for the compact hatchback. If you need to find a car for the family, not too important to high-end technologies, this can be one choice. Besides, the impressive fuel efficiency will satisfy all users interested in this aspect. 

Q: Is 2019 Suzuki Swift fuel efficient?

Swift's fuel economy is staggering thanks to its HEARTECT platform and engine performance. During a typical traffic day in Manila, the car average consumption is about 9.8- 10.2 km/L and 20.1-22 km/L on the highway.

Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines

After all, the Suzuki Swift 2019 Philippines is a compact hatchback that's perfect for a small family with low fuel consumption and good handling. The car doesn't promise the fastest speeds and the most spacious space in its segment at a competitive price point. But the car's eye-catching design and the comfort of the interior space will keep you driving comfortably every day.

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