Honda Civic 2019 Philippines: The perpetual fan favorite of many Filipino drivers

Feb 13, 2019

Read on to have a closer look at the Honda Civic 2019 Philippines in terms of price, variants available, interior, exterior, performance, safety features and more.

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1. Honda Civic 2019 Philippines: Introduction

Interested in getting a compact car? Why not get a Honda Civic 2019, which has been raved about and is the perpetual fan favorite of many drivers. If some car makers have seemed to lose interest in the ubiquitous compact car category, which Honda hasn’t abandoned but continued to make it better. Other automakers have shifted to the sub-compact market with mostly paltry engines. But, not Honda which constantly upgraded, and developed their Civic series continually.

honda civic 2019 philippines exterior

Honda Civic 2019 Philippines model

Though this segment seems to be in the blurred spot but still retains the bigger dimensions, which is a step away from mid-sized sedans. When roads are cluttered by half-hearted 1.0 or 1.5 liters engines, the Honda Civic soldiers on with the venerable 1.6 to 1.8-liter powertrains. Honda is the default choice in this compact car segment, which is only a step away from 2.0-liter powertrains.

2. Why should people buy the Honda Civic 2019?

In a word, the Honda Civic is an institution that has been a popular compact car for years, because of its performance and powertrains which is fast for production road cars. The dimensions of the Civic are close to mid-sized cars, and it is much bigger than compact cars. Not to be left behind; it is equipped with the necessary safety equipment only found in more expensive options.

Civics are made to be driven on the open road and opening the engine at full throttle, but confident that all the safeties will keep everyone in one piece!

Honda Civic 2019 Introducing

3. Honda Civic 2019 Philippines Price & Variants available

Buyers can choose from any of these variants, which have Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) of the top of the line RS Turbo Modulo Sport. All these options are automatic transmission; there is no manual transmission available. All these variants have a gasoline engine from 1.5 to 1.8L, no diesel like the CRV. The RS version is the sport-tuned variants which have some add-ons to it. Between the RS version and E CVT version, many have a preference for the RS over the regular CVT.

Honda Civic 2019 Price in the Philippines
 Model SRP
Honda Civic 1.8 E CVT P1,115,000
Honda Civic 1.8 E CVT Navi Limited Edition P1,133,000
Honda Civic 1.8 E CVT Modulo P1,170,000
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo CVT P1,425,000
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo CVT Modulo P1,472,000
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo Modulo Sport P1,537,000

4. What’s missing from the features?

The Honda Civic 2019 is an excellent compact car; but other safety equipment is not yet available, unlike in other compacts offered in by other car makers. But, as is the current selection of equipment is already a good standard compared to other similar options.

  • Collision mitigation systems prevent collisions when the driver does not react fast enough and keep pedestrians safe as well.
  • The Blind-side monitor will warn anyone if a car comes from that side.
  • The Lane Departure Warning will keep the car straight, without drifting out of the lane dangerously.
  • Cheaper sub-compacts will have a GPS function, considering the tag price!

Equipping the Civic with these amenities will make it, much better! It will add more sophistication to a great sedan!

5. Honda Civic 2019 Philippines: Highlights


The best way to see how it stacks up is to compare it, against a similar compact car. There will be tolerances that show whether it’s a bigger or smaller option.

honda civic 2019 philippines

The Civic is a good sized compact that is more length and width, with low slung profile in dimensions

Honda Civic 2019 Philippines: Dimensions
Length 4,633 mm
Width 1,799 mm
Height 1,416 mm
Ground clearance 133 mm

The Honda Civic 2019 is a good sized compact that is more length and width, with low slung profile in dimensions. It matches up with a big enough compact sedan, when compared to similar options available.


Honda’s attention to details regarding performance is seen in the numbers on the spec sheet, not too low or too high but just right. Everything about the performance specs is grade A1 and is what too beat when compared to other compact cars. A high displacement powertrain with good torque and horsepower that drives it fast on highways. Other factors like suspension, brakes are what makes it; very complete as an option. Another plus is the 428-litre trunk capacity for more luggage.

Honda Civic 2019 Philippines: Engine & Performance
Displacement 1,798 cc
Horsepower 141
Torque 174
Transmission CVT
Drive train FWD
Fuel Gasoline
Trunk capacity 428 L

The Civic is hard to beat, and the specs assure top performance numbers for this top choice compact sedan! A must get option and should top on the list for sporty sedans.

Honda civic 2019 engine

The Honda Civic 2019 packs a 1.8L engine

Safety Features

Stressing on safety is important and having relevant safety aids will be a boon, for a child-friendly option that ranks a five-star rating. Other options may omit these, but Honda leads the way in making safer to drive.

Honda Civic 2019: Safety Features
  • 6 airbags
  • ABS, EBD
  • Traction control
  • Parking sensors

Get the Civic for the safest compact car option to have, and it will be a no regret-buy for anyone. It’s an A1 choice for the smart driver too!

Comfort Features

Inside all the comfort features is provided for the best driving and riding experience possible. Emphasizing an interior compartment that fits everyone inside like a glove, add the comfort features that makes it even better. All the accents are attractive and flush to the lines which makes a interior compartment that is well thought of.  This is next to none; when compared to similar options available.

Honda Civic 2019: Comfort Features
  • Automatic Single Zone
  • Cruise Control
  • Power features
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Bluetooth
  • Push Start Button

Honda civic 2019 philippines interior

honda civic 2019 philippines steering wheel

Inside all the comfort features is provided for the best driving and riding experience possible

All is good, but leather would have made it look better than fabric for the seating. The dark urethane and the accents are smooth and fresh looking and inviting to a relaxing drive.


It’s all looking good with the streamlined and flowing lines, which are dynamic that expresses an energetic car design. Looking at it, the front and the rear flow into a seamless line of dynamic motion. All the exterior equipment matches and are complete that integrates flawlessly into the exterior.

Honda Civic 2019: Exterior
Headlights LEDs
Auto headlights Yes
Third brake light Yes
Fog lights Yes
Auto wiper -

The Civics exterior is sweetness, and the dynamic design is pure energy! An auto wiper would have been a good addition, to its excellent exterior equipment.

honda civic 2019 philippines rear view

The Civics exterior is sweetness, and the dynamic design is pure energy

6. Final recommendations: Get it, get it!

Don’t think and just get the Honda Civic 2019 because it’s a very good choice! From the performance specs to the other features, it’s a classic in the making. Honda has to outdo itself when it thinks of making the next generation Civic to come. Run to the dealership and ignore the negative, because it has positives that drive it up! Get it now.