Honda Civic 2012 Review Philippines: No. 1 competitor with Toyota Altis

Jun 17, 2020

Honda Civic is a familiar name for car lovers and really warms up the Philippine car market. Here are the main review, specs and features of the 2012 Honda Civic.




Honda Civic 2012 Philippines Overview

Fast forward to February 2012, the long-awaited 9th gen Honda Civic was unveiled since its 8th gen in 2006. The external design of the 2012 version in the Philippines is the same as that of the international version. Civic image has been known as a vehicle with youthful design, dynamic and powerful operation.

Honda Civic 2012

Overview of Honda civic 2012 appearance

2012 Honda Civic Price in the Philippines

Pricing for 2012 model in the Philippines:

  • Honda Civic 1.8 S MT: Php 908,000

  • Honda Civic 1.8 S AT: Php 948,000

  • Honda Civic 1.8 E AT: Php 1,008,000

  • Honda Civic 1.8 EXI AT (Special Edition): Php 1,074,000

  • Honda Civic 2.0 EL AT: Php 1,145,000 (additional Php 20,000 for Brilliant White)

By 2020, you can find the Cheapest Honda Civic 2012 for sale from Php 200,000 to Php 460,000.

Exterior Review: How does 2012 Honda Civic look?

2012 Honda Civic still carries the youthful and sporty features like the previous generation. The new design of the car is quite luxurious and modern. Overall, the 2012 Civic overall design can appeal to customers at first sight.

Honda Civic 2012 Exterior

2012 Honda Civic improved with the "European" design style

The front of the car has an impressive new design with a pair of long headlights behind the grille with 3 bars. The front lights of the new Civic look more modern than the previous generation because of the appearance of projector lamps and HID bulbs (on the 2.0AT version).

Honda Civic 2012 Exterior

2012 Honda Civic has many attractive color versions

The big difference in the Civic 2012 version is that this lamp can be set to automatically turn off over time via i-MID communication system and adjust the lighting angle to increase safety when going in the dark. (only available on the most advanced 2.0AT version).

Honda Civic 2012 Exterior

The body is designed quite simply in the style of most Japanese car manufacturers.

Interior Review: What’s inside 2012 Honda Civic?

Overall, the interior of the 2012 Civic is more luxurious than the previous generation. Compared to rival Toyota Altis, the Honda Civic still has a more trendy and youthful style.

2012 Honda Civic Interior

2012 Honda Civic Interior

The advanced intelligent display system (i-MID) provides diverse audio information and vehicle features, allowing easy and convenient car interaction via a 5-inch LCD screen.

Honda Civic 2012 Interior

Different from other modern details in the car, the tablo section on the 2012 Civic is designed quite simply with the top is the audio-visual system, below is the air-conditioning system. The biggest difference from the old generation is the Honda driver-oriented design, the driver will capture and control all functions on the vehicle.

Honda equipped with an air conditioning cooling system for 2 versions 1.8MT and 1.8AT, particularly for the 2.0AT version, it is equipped with an automatic air conditioning system.

Honda Civic 2012 Interior

2012 Honda Civic Interior

Engine & Performance of Civic 2012

2012 Civic engine uses SOHC i-VTEC technology with 16 variable valves, electronic fuel injection PGM-FI, equipped with new air/gasoline sensors to contribute to improving the exhaust efficiency of the engine.

Honda Civic 2012 Engine

Honda Civic 2012 version is powered with SOHC i-VTEC technology

Version 2.0L engine for maximum capacity 152Hp at 6,500 rpm rev/min, maximum torque of 190Nm at 4,300 rpm combined with 5-speed automatic gearbox and paddle shifters sporty on the steering wheel. Compared to Corolla Altis, the Honda Civic's 2.0L engine is a bit more dominant, but the Corolla Altis engine block reaches maximum power earlier at 6,200 rpm and the largest torque at 3,600 rpm. /minute. 1.8L engine version for a maximum power of 139 HP at 6,500 rpm and maximum torque of 174 Nm at 4,300 rpm. Combined with 5-speed automatic gearbox or 5-speed manual.

Both versions of Civic 2012 are equipped with Econ Assist eco-driving system with Econ Mode and Econ Coaching modes. After the driver activates Econ mode, the computer will automatically analyze the parameters of the engine is working to calibrate with the air conditioning system to minimize unnecessary fuel consumption.

The electric power steering system helps the driver steer more precisely.

When driving at a speed of 20-30km/h, Honda Civic brings the feeling of light accelerator pedal, sharp brakes and electric power steering make driving in the city very simple. The electric power steering system helps the driver feel more clearly about certainty and steer more precisely when driving at high speeds.

At high speeds, sometimes the cabin is a bit noisy, but the soundproofing of the car is much better than the previous generation.

Safety Review: Lots of safety equipment

Standard safety equipment for the 2012 Honda Civic includes the G-CON chassis that controls the force of the front collision and dampens collisions with other vehicles, 4 airbags for the front row (including airbags front and side airbags), ABS anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution system EBD, reversing sensor (1.8AT & 2.0AT), electronic balancing system VSA (2.0AT), key burglar and alarm system.

 Honda Civic 2012 Safety

Safety features on the Honda Civic 2012

Key Specs of Honda Civic 2012


Honda Civic 2.0AT

Honda Civic 1.8AT

Honda Civic 1.8MT

Body Type


Number of seats


Number of windows


Engine capacity



Max power

155.00 horsepower, at 6500.00 rpm


141.00 horsepower, at 6500.00 rpm


Maximum torque

190.00 Nm, at 4300 rpm

174.00 Nm, at 4300 rpm


5 levels

Maximum speed




Number of airbags


2012 Honda Civic Verdict: Final Recommendation

Modern, sporty and elegant, Honda Civic has always been a name to be reckoned with for those in need of a midsize sedan. However, some disadvantages such as manual seats and slightly higher prices make many people reluctant to compare with other competitors.