Tesla Model X 2020 Review: A Car Comes From The Future!

Oct 15, 2020

Electric car production will be a fast development trend in the future because of its eco-friendly character. Keep scrolling our review of the 2020 Tesla Model X to see if it can bring green SUVs to the traffic.

SUV/MPV Automatic

1. Tesla Model X 2020: Overview

Do you know any name of electric cars in the Philippines? Hyundai Ioniq EV, Nissan Leaf, or Mitsubishi i-MiEV are all names that are having a good mark in the market. And of course, we can not neglect Tesla - Electric carmaker is known as "Apple in the car industry" or the "Electric Vehicle Revolution."

Tesla developed Model X from the full-size sedan platform of the Model S. Besides the polarizing autopilot innovation, Tesla Model X also features a futuristic form that makes you feel like this is no usual SUV. 

While the vision of Elon Musk - Tesla CEO, is to bring new and innovative technology to the mass market, the 2020 Tesla Model X is still extraordinarily expensive in the Philippines.

2. Tesla Model X 2020: Exterior

The car is well-known in the falcon-wing doors for passenger access that attracts any look on the road. They are also smart, as the car easily opens when you walk towards it as long as you bring the key with you.

At first glance, the appearance of the Model X 2020 makes it hard to tell whether it's an SUV or a hatchback. However, the curved roofline is a pleasant touch that blends smoothly into the windshield.

Tesla does not try to unite with each other by imposing fascia, especially the grille like the other SUVs. The Model X has a small grille on the front, separating it from the conventional SUVs because there is no combustion engine under the hood that requires cooling.

Tesla Model X 2020

Tesla Model X 2020

Speaking about the below parts, the Model X 2020 comes with either 20- or 22-inch alloys. Upgrading to Onyx Black wheels will charge you USD 5500 (PHP 277,642). That is an expensive amount to give the SUV a touch of sportiness, but trust us, it's worth it.

Tesla Model X 2020 Exterior

Fog lights/driving lights
Falcon Wing Doors
20” silver aluminum wheels or 22” onyx black wheels
Windshield wiper – rain sensing
Active spoiler

3. Tesla Model X 2020: Interior

If you often need for generous room to pack up your belongings for your road trip, the Model X 2020 will not let you down with both front and rear cargo spaces. It has a total of 88 cubic feet of cargo space. This is much more than what most luxury hybrid and electric SUVs do. The seat upholstery made from synthetic leather also provides a luxurious feeling inside the car.

Tesla Model X 2020 interior

The headroom and legroom are generally comfortable, except for the third row, which is likely best left to small children. Adults should sit in the second row for the ideal experience.

The all-digital instrument cluster shows the car's operating status, which is a visual surprise for any tech enthusiast. The "infotainment" tag may sound innocuous, but don't be fooled by the name! This screen lets you monitor almost everything on your Tesla, including the doors, lights, suspension, and even autopilot. The 17-inch screen stack stands out in the stylish, minimal interior of the Model X 2020.

Tesla Model X 2020 interior

Instead of making the start button, Tesla allowed the task even more conveniently. Step on the foot brake with the keys on board, setting the car in gear, and here you go.

Tesla Model X 2020 Interior

Front air conditioning, dual-zone automatically

Heated seats

FM/HD/Satellite, seek-scan Radio

17” infotainment screen

Leatherette Seat trim

4. Tesla Model X 2020: Engine and Performance

All models of Tesla have always been battery-powered vehicles. For Model X 2020, you have two options to choose: Long Range and Performance.

A full-charge Model X Long Range can go a total distance of 564 kilometers. In the meantime, the Performance is starting from 0 to 100 in a stunning 2.7 seconds, slightly 0.1s slower than the Audi R8 V10 Plus.

5. Tesla Model X 2020: Performance & Safety Features

Tesla Model X has two engines separately to power the front and rear wheels. Drivers can choose which type to use when driving, resulting in better handling and traction control.

As far as safety features are concerned, the car has a lot to offer. Tesla ensures frequent updates to increase the safety of the vehicle. With concerns about autopilot functionality, Tesla complemented the technologies with its proprietary Autopilot Hardware System and the following features:

Tesla Model X 2020 Safety features

Front Collision Warning

Side Collision Warning

Automatic Emergency Braking

Obstacle Aware Acceleration

Blind Spot Monitoring

Lane Departure Avoidance

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

6. Tesla Model X 2020: Price in the Philippines

The price of the Tesla Model X 2020 is ranging from USD 89,500 (PHP 4,568,080) and going up to USD 124,000 (PHP 6,328,960) for the advanced option.

7. Final thought

There are some electric options at a better price on the market that comes from Hyundai, Jaguar, BYD, or Audi. However, in this segment, every comparison with Tesla is pointless because it is difficult for any EV car to surpass Tesla at the moment. This brand has always been considered to be at the forefront of electric vehicles, and this Tesla Model X 2020 SUV is definitely reliable, powerful, and satisfying to drive.

The last word, if you can afford it, try this green energy car once in your life! We are sure you will love it from the very first moment.

Tesla Model X 2020

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