Isuzu MU-X 2019 Philippines: A decent SUV with "Blue Power"

Feb 13, 2019

Searching for an affordable, efficient and practical mid-size SUV in the Philippines? The Isuzu MU-X would be a top pick. Read on to find the reasons why.

SUV/MPV Manual

1. Isuzu MU-X 2019 Philippines: Introduction

One of the best mid-sized SUVs that is premium and comes with all the performance and features expected of it. It has built on the superb performance that is based on the Isuzu DMAX pickup truck, it even shares the same type of ladder type frame as well. Although unlike the more rugged pickup, this SUV is tailored for more sophisticated tastes. This is just as hardy and rugged just like its DMAX cousin; both are unique examples of why Isuzu is one of the best diesel brands available.

One of the better reasons to get the Isuzu MU-X 2019 is that it has “Blue Power” which is an innovative solution that minimizes carbon emissions for diesel engines. Another plus is the Euro-4 enabled engine which is targeted at utilizing clean diesel tech too. There are other diesel SUVs that are available, but the MU-X is considered better. 

isuzu mux 2019 philippines exterior á

One of the better reasons to get the Isuzu MU-X 2019 is that it has “Blue Power”

But, there are reasons why the MU-X is such a standout, and here they are!

2. Why should people buy the Isuzu MU-X 2019?

Choosing the MU-X is a good choice for a mid-sized SUV because it is one of the bigger SUVs, compared to some smaller rivals. The SUV segment is currently in hot competition between Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Chevrolet, and Toyota with their models. This intense competition is all about pulling all the stops, to see which is the “ultimate SUV” for everyone’s money.  All bets are off, and the MU-X is pulling the stops to be the best SUV to get!

It’s rather quite simple, and this offering by Isuzu is a premium auto that comes with the good stuff. Another thing is the 3.0 L engine that performs well too! There are lower priced models that are good options, but the top models have everything which is a good investment for overall safety.

2019 Isuzu MU-X in Philippines

3. Isuzu MU-X 2019 Price & Variants available in the Philippines

The variants vary according to price, but there are several options, but the pricier unit has the most features installed in it. Take note that some other premium features may not be similar to other brands. An option that is 4X4 will be a better choice over the 4X2, in most cases.

Isuzu MU-X 2019 Price in the Philippines
 Model SRP
MU-X 2.5 LS 4x2 MT P1,268,000
MU-X RZ4E LS 4x2 MT P1,300,000
MU-X RZ4E LS-A 4x2 AT P1,545,000
MU-X 3.0 LS-A 4x2 AT Luxe P1,895,000
MU-X 3.0 LS-A 4x4 AT Blue Power P2,095,000

4. What’s missing from the features?

The Isuzu MU-X 2019 is one the better options; but has several premium features that are not installed, which can be a deal-breaker. Other less expensive options will have these features installed, for a 2 million-plus option. Most of these options will add to the overall safety, but it’s not alone because this is similar to several popular brands.

  • Lane Departure Warning  will warn the car moves out of any lane, by giving an audible warning or any other signal.
  • Auto wiper automatically activates the wiper when it rains.
  • Collision mitigating system prevents collisions by activating, a sensor that is tripped automatically.
  • Blind-side monitor, when viewing the side-view mirror and it has a sound or visual indicator to warn the driver.

All these warning aids are essential for premium models and the higher price tag; should have it equipped. The lack of it can be a deal-breaker for some car buyers too.

5. Isuzu MU-X 2019 Philippines: Review proper


The MUX is in the sweet spot for width and height, clearance, with wading depth as well. Here’s why it is so.

Isuzu MU-X 2019 Philippines: Dimensions
Length 4,825 mm
Width 1,860 mm
Height 1,840 mm
Ground clearance 230 mm
Wading depth 600 mm


It’s no problem with of the performance specs, mostly average performance in horsepower and torque.  But, the highlight is the suspension which is multi-link, stabilizers; which is good for a less stiff ride. Overall, the specs of the MU-X are on the good side, and it’s a diesel too.

Isuzu MU-X 2019 Philippines: Engine & Performance
Displacement 2,999 cc
Horsepower 177
Torque 380
Drive train 4WD
Transmission 6-Speed AT w/ Sequential Shift
Fuel Diesel
Euro 4 Yes

The negative is the rear-brake that is a drum, which should be a disc brake at least! Another thing is that it doesn’t have Limited Slip Differential and it’s at 2 million for the top model too.

Safety Features

At a glance, the Isuzu MU-X 2019 has a decent amount of safety features that earned it a 5-star safety rating.  Everything is equipped for good SUV that has everything needed, but has some spots that need fixing! But, overall nothing is missing for the basic and advanced safety features that count a lot. This is child-friendly SUV as well, which is a good thing should children ride it.

Isuzu MU-X 2019: Safety Features
  • Dual airbags
  • 3-pt ELR seatbelts
  • Pretensioner
  • Load limiter
  • Traction control
  • Rear camera
  • Parking sensors

It’s an average option to consider, but adding curtain and side airbags for the price is imperative. But having all the standard equipment for a five-star rating is a good start, but it needs more polishing though.

Comfort Features

Get this, if a near-luxury car level is desired with its excellent comfort features. It’s got leather seats and a sophisticated looking interior that’s value for money and should give other options a run for their money. Most premium SUVs have the lion’s share of good comfort features, which is why many prefer it.

isuzu mux 2019 philippines interior

It’s got leather seats and a sophisticated looking interior that’s value for money and should give other options a run for their money

Isuzu MU-X 2019: Comfort Features
  • Automatic Dual Zone AC
  • Foldable Rear Seats
  • Cruise Control
  • Power features
  • Steering wheel controls
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Lighted vanity mirror
  • Leather seats

All-around this SUV has average comfort features that should be enough, but definitely better than cheaper options.


The MU-X has a handsome exterior which is understated, with a smooth flowing design that is robust and sophisticated at the same time. No heavy or sudden changes which can be eyesores from a design perspective that should be avoided. All is good but lacks an auto-wiper function when it rains.

isuzu mux 2019 philippines angular front

isuzu mux 2019 rear view angular rear

The MU-X has a handsome exterior which is understated, with a smooth flowing design that is robust and sophisticated at the same time

Isuzu MU-X 2019: Exterior
Headlights Bi-LED projector
Auto headlights Yes
Third brake light Yes
Fog lights Yes
Auto wiper -

Nothing to say and everything looks good from the headlights to all other lights, but no auto-wiper that should be addressed by the car maker.

6. Isuzu MU-X 2019 Philippines: Final recommendations

Is the Isuzu MU-X worth it? Yes and no because of these reasons which are relevant, and more. Based on the car’s brief snapshot; everything does check out and makes the MU-X a child-friendly car too. Getting this advanced diesel SUV will be a good choice for everyone. But, some high-grade safeties are missing though. The Isuzu MU-X is a good example of a powerful and efficient Mid-sized SUV!