Geely Okavango Review - Unique Car Design

Jun 03, 2022

You’re finding the detailed information on Geely Okavango? Here’s your Geely Okavango review for the price, features and comparisons.

SUV/MPV Automatic

Since its initial introduction, the Chinese automaker has achieved new heights and identified itself as an engineering leader. The newly joined model is the third car to join the brand’s portfolio, and it is the first seven-seat car on the market and the largest model in the lineup.

Despite its unibody basis, the model is longer and broader than major competitors in the midsize SUV segment. Let’s get on to the following article for the thorough Geely Okavango review.

Geely Okavango Price

The Geely Okavango price Philippines begins at 1.208 million with the Comfort variant and increases to 1.478 million for the leading Urban Plus variation. There are three variations available, and you may see all their prices below.




1.208 Million Pesos


1.328 Million Pesos

Urban Plus

1.478 Million Pesos

Geely Okavango Review

Geely Okavango Review: Exterior

The model drives on 18-inch aluminum wheels, which appear a little undersized for the car. A little larger would certainly improve its aesthetics even further, but it would severely impact the ride quality.

The general design is more upright, with smoother lines, but one of the Geely Okavango problems is it lacks smaller variations' creases and body setups. 

Geely Okavango 2022 exterior

Geely Okavango exterior

The new grille can be noticed as the new highlight of the car. It also includes adaptive LED lights that allow you to leave them on a continual high beam condition.

Geely Okavango Review: Interior

The Geely Okavango interior is said to be less fashionable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not attractive. The dash features a leatherette area, but the remainder of the cabin is filled with hard plastics, with a quality interior finish.

However, where it lacks in quality feel, it compensates for practicality. The automatic brake system and gear shifter have resulted in a sizable storage container in the center console.

Geely Okavango 2022 interior

Geely Okavango interior

Geely Okavango Review: Engine And Performance

The design has a 1.5L three-cylinder turbocharged engine connected to a 48-volt generator. It is now a modest hybrid with the help of an electric engine. The overall system output is 190 HP at 5,500 rpm and 300 Nm, with the front wheels being driven by a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

Two words can sum up the car’s performance, which is steady and smooth. Body roll is under control, and the electronic power steering is incredibly light and has no road feel, so don't expect this to be a pleasant vehicle to drive around curves.

Surprisingly, for an automobile with an electric motor, the brakes seem linear, although the existence of regenerative braking frequently causes a car to have an uneven brake feel. The Geely Okavango fuel consumption performs excellently.

Geely Okavango 2022 review

Geely Okavango with a powerful engine

A week of driving can achieve 12.5 to 12.9 kilometers per liter and have a somewhat lower cost.

Geely Okavango Review: Technology

All variations include a touchscreen navigation system as standard, while the top-tier features a fully-digital display panel. Its interior technology is effectively integrated, with the infotainment display and digital instruments functioning well together.

Unfortunately, the interface screen isn't as good as the digital instruments, with the primary panel prone to getting erased in bright sunlight. 

Other features include power-adjustable front seats, a big transparent sunroof, an electric tailgate, and smart access with a push-button start.

Geely Okavango 2022

Geely Okavango 2022 Philippines

Geely Okavango Pros And Cons


  • It's simple to handle.
  • The cabin space is sufficient.
  • The ride and convenience are both excellent.
  • The expansive sunroof is a fantastic feature.


  • Lack of road feel on steering
  • Bottom-end output is somewhat lower.

Geely Okavango Compared To Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Here’s below a comparison between the two designs based on price, specs, and other aspects.


Geely Okavango

Mitsubishi Montero Sport


1.208 Million Pesos

1.568 Million Pesos




Fuel Type



Seats Capacity




4835 mm

4825 mm


1900 mm

1815 mm


1785 mm

1835 mm

Ground Clearance

194 mm

218 mm


2815 millimeters

2800 millimeters

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The design is a great choice for clients searching for a cost-effective car to drive their friends and family or for daily travel, thanks to a wide selection of choices and a competitive price. 

Our Geely Okavango review has shown you several great features that make the car an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable transport. It provides comfort, a wide cabin, and an eye-catching modern style. 

You can be confident that this design will match or even exceed your expectations. Thank you for reading on!